When we focus on the NOW there is not anxiety

There is a lot out there to be excited and thrilled about. On the one hand the environment is telling us that enough is enough and changing. On the other hand people are taking on their lives and themselves and handling themselves with ultra care, healing the wounds of our ancestors. And that’s what this is about…we are healing from the past.

We are not beholden to the past. We are here in the NOW. When we focus on the NOW there is not anxiety. The worry comes from the past and the past did not work out the way we had all foreseen. The present is the moment that we can change. The future is worrisome because it could be many things depending on the NOW.

The message is…worry about your thoughts and keeping them on the NOW. Methods to do so are:

  • grounding
  • gardening
  • taking care of yourself and others (with healthy boundaries)

There is no fear if there is love.


Start thinking with your heart; not your head

Think with your heart

Think with your heart; not your head

We are positive that it is all working out. It is the fear that it is not so that blocks the flow. When you live in fear you live in limitation. If you take away the fear then your choices become limitless.

The same is true of your head. Your head will think of limitation. Try another organ to “think” with. Let’s start with your heart. Start to ask your heart what it feels about your next move or decision. Then evaluate how great of a decision making organ your heart is (after the decision is made). There is not just one organ that knows or “thinks.”

If you access some of your other organs for thoughts then you are going to think farther and greater than if you just use your mind.