Do not take your experiences too personally; they are opportunities to heal


Do not take your challenges too personally; they are opportunities to heal

When you heal your pain from a difficult moment in your life you are merely healing a memory. There is no need to take that experience personally. There is a bigger piece of it and it is that you needed to heal and that moment was drawn to you and you to it. There is no need to take the experience personally as though it creates your own personal value. Underneath all of that is a wound that needed to be healed. The experience came to you and you to it so that you can heal. No need to feel less. In fact you should be grateful that the opportunity to heal came to you in such a way that awakened you to the fact that you needed to heal this piece or pieces of you. You are absolutely lovely in every single way without any doubt.


Healing the old and the new

White light

Use this current intensity to heal old and new wounds

The time is now to heal the old and new wounds. It is an extraordinarily good time to look at one’s self, evaluate what is real, what is not real, what works and what doesn’t work. It might seem like radical times in that the intensity seems to stare you down. But the good news is that this intensity also helps us process in a way that is like a garbage disposal. Throw away all that is not working. In it’s place you will find things that actually do work.

Do the inner work now. It is a time like no other.