When we focus on the NOW there is not anxiety

There is a lot out there to be excited and thrilled about. On the one hand the environment is telling us that enough is enough and changing. On the other hand people are taking on their lives and themselves and handling themselves with ultra care, healing the wounds of our ancestors. And that’s what this is about…we are healing from the past.

We are not beholden to the past. We are here in the NOW. When we focus on the NOW there is not anxiety. The worry comes from the past and the past did not work out the way we had all foreseen. The present is the moment that we can change. The future is worrisome because it could be many things depending on the NOW.

The message is…worry about your thoughts and keeping them on the NOW. Methods to do so are:

  • grounding
  • gardening
  • taking care of yourself and others (with healthy boundaries)

There is no fear if there is love.


The past is the past. The future doesn’t matter. The only moment is now.

We are here to say that cleaning out your closets is a good idea. You forgive people just to have peace of mind. It does not mean that these people can continue to harm you in any way. It means the past is the past. The only moment is now. It’s not even the future that is of the utmost concern.

If you are more focused on the present and not the resentments of the past then you are more open to receive the great joy that is available NOW.

Focus on the only moment you can change…NOW

Focus on the NOW

Focus on the NOW

There comes a time in one’s life when you need to just be ok that the past is the past and not worry so, so much about it. To focus on the now is one of the MOST important steps that you can take to making a happy, fulfilling life for yourself and for all others. One of the most important parts of this process is to ask yourself, when you are thinking or acting or talking, “Am I thinking of the now, am I focusing and being in the now?” Anytime that we are focused on something other than now we are not effectively using the moment to make our world what we want it to be. We can only impact now so why are we focusing on something other than the NOW?