We are in hard times.

We are in hard times. I will say that again. We are in hard times. When I make that statement it is not about politics or the economy it is about the environment. When I say this I mean that there are going to be many a disaster that will be at your foot or at someone’s foot that you know and love dearly.

The Earth is not, yet, at a point of no return but the prognosis is pretty grim. These moments, now, can greatly impact the future. If you are going to do anything to help the plight of the Earth now (and forever more) these are the items that are the most important:

  • Recycling (because it saves resources)
  • CO2 emission reduction in any and all ways
  • Show the government that you will not buy their processed/natural foods. Even if it is not GMO the pesticides are wreaking havoc on everyone from the farmers, food handlers and the consumers. Grow your own food, shop local, shop from a small farmer. Show your concern with action.

That is all. Something to think about.