If you want love in your life try starting with self love

If you can't love yourself how can you expect others to love you?

If you can’t love yourself how can you expect others to love you?

When we don’t love ourselves enough our lives do not work out as well as they could. Our road blocks often exist just because we do not love ourselves or love ourselves enough. Most interpersonal relationships suffer just because both parties are not spending enough energy on loving themselves. And, instead, they are spending time trying to earn the love that, they, themselves need to provide for themselves.

Self love is hard. It is a constant effort. It will challenge you. However, if you want a loving, fulfilling relationship in your life you need to only start with loving yourself.


Don’t forget to remember that you are love, loved and lovable, unconditionally


Don’t forget that you are love, loved and lovable, unconditionally

If we do not understand that we are love and the universe is love then we are prone to be hurt when we don’t feel love or loved. If you want more love, clear out what is not love from your life. Is it a memory that is not love or loving or unconditional love? Then clear out that experience.

All you are is love. All that the universe is is love. We get confused and forget that we are love and so does the universe. It is like forgetting our names though. We are still love even though we forget. No need to take an experience that is not love personally.

Jesus’ many words are few


Love is important

I am stepping in as a “guest speaker” if you will. My name is Jesus some of you know a little bit more than others do about me. I would like you to consider that much of the knowledge of me that is what you would consider “the standard” has very little to do with who I really was.

I was a small man in that I did not impose my will on people. I did a lot of listening, not a lot of talking. And I spent a lot of time in meditative prayer. I was not a man of many words. Many of the words that you would hear from me were talking about the importance of love, of being a loving spirit and about letting the spirit and the word from spirit move through me. I attained my notoriety not because of who I am or who I became but, rather, because I was willing to listen within and to act without questioning what I heard within.

That is all that I will say for now. There is not much more to it and many of you can do the same.