Taking a moment to reflect…a little life advice

In the context of all of our lives the most important moments are when we learn. That is all that I will say. End of point.

If you are trying to bring more meaning to your life then listen to your life, to what is not working and what needs to change. When you listen maybe a new path will be revealed, a new way of living which will help you to change your course.

If you keep on the same course it is not as easy to change. So change, so move, so grow. This is so much more fulfilling in the end than to stay on the same course.

When you change don’t be afraid, new ways of thinking and growth will help gather you from the fall should you have a weak moment and not know how to move forward.


Enjoy your life no matter what

Enjoy lifeWe are all here to enjoy our lives a little bit more. If we do not enjoy certain parts of our lives we need to celebrate those parts just as much as we do the things that we don’t enjoy. A lot of times it is our thought process around the parts of our lives that just perpetuate the same pattern of not enjoying the same parts of our lives. Be grateful for all things. Be joyful. Celebrate all of life’s joys and the parts that we don’t enjoy just celebrate those parts. If we put those moments, things, people in the same light or consciousness of things that we enjoy then we start to transform them into pieces of our life that we do enjoy. Practice this for at least 5 minutes a day and you will start to see these pieces that we don’t enjoy transform into something that we do enjoy more.