Struggle doesn’t exist if you will listen and learn

So Learn. Not. To Struggle

So Learn. Not. To Struggle

We, often times, do not understand why it is that we struggle so. The word struggle doesn’t exist in our lives. We think that life is full of learning. If you don’t get the lesson then you will struggle so whether you struggle or not is up to you. If you think that you are supposed to learn or are learning a lesson then let the lesson take your hand and you will learn. And, incidentally, there will be no more struggling.

So Learn. Not. To Struggle.


We are here to learn

Earth is full of learning

Earth is a university; it is full of learning experiences

We are here to be challenged. That was why many of us came to Earth and now many people are leaving the Earth, as if a mass exodus, because they cannot handle the so-called extreme challenges of the current day. Get used to the challenge; it is part of the greatest gift of being here on Earth at this particular time. The harder things become the more willing we are to learn and learning is one of the greatest gifts that one can gain. Earth is especially challenging and so what do you think that many of us gain from the challenges…we learn, we grow, we change. Life cannot get any greater than that. Change the way that you think of challenges and you have much more to gain.

Life is challenging; it’s supposed to be challenging

Each day rise and be joyful for this day and the precious moments that you have on Earth as a human being, a spirit in a precious body who gets to learn so, so much amongst old and great friends and family. We often hear people cursing the challenges of his/her life, but really many of us are here mainly because of the challenge. If you do not enjoy your life or are unhappy because life is hard life is meant to be hard, very hard. Just because it seems easier for some does not always mean that these people do not have their pleasures mixed in with the pain as well. Just because it “appears” easy does not always mean that it is. With this in mind…enjoy your weekend, your precious time on Earth.