Intuition: allow this powerful sense to guide you through the ever-changing world

There seems to be a lot of change going around. When there is change, massive, worldwide change people tend to get scared and worried. This fear manifests in an increase in violence, self-opting out (in the form of alcohol/drug abuse, suicide, or general malaise about life). When the change with the result of change happens people tend to get more and more fearful.

This is not the time to be in fear. Fear blocks intuition. Intuition will be a tool the elevate much of the pain and suffering in the years to come.

How can you be more open and aware of intuition?

  1. Slow down
  2. Listen
  3. Act on what information you receive

You do not need validation to act but if you do need validation here are a few tools to validate your information:

  1. Repeat what information you receive and ask the universe to give you a sign about the validity of your information.
  2. Send away the information that you receive and if it returns it is for you to hear.

Intuition is truly one of our senses. When fully developed we gain the ability to navigate a wildly diverse and changing world with ease and grace.


On the other side of fear is often a doorway

Fear of the unknown is just a fear. Fear is important only in isolated instances. It serves a purpose in nature when your are around harm. For the most part most of what we fear is the unknown.

The unknown can also be reframed to be a doorway. Some of the best times and places in one’s life come from stepping, just one step at a time, towards and through that door.

If you only pay attention to that fear – and not the doorway – then all you experience is fear.

Use positive self-talk to walk, one step at – a – time, towards and through that doorway. Blessings mostly occur in this space.

Building faith one step at a time



When you start to worry about all of the voices outside just pay more attention to what we are telling you. When we tell you something you are more than welcome to ask for validation in 10,000 forms. We would rather give you optimistic replies, several times than let you miss out on all of the exciting opportunities on your path.

This is very simple.

  • Ask us a question. We will answer. Listen for the answer.
  • Ask for validation of what answer you thought was given.
  • When you think that you are clear on what has been told to you then act. Act with precision and immediately and then begin the whole process over again.

Plug in. Everyday. And listen.

Plug in. And listen.

Plug in. And listen.

You did not come into this world to be anyone other than yourself. Great dis-content happens when you try to please everyone else. In fact, there is no way to please every one. If you are lucky you will find out what makes you happy and pursue your own, personal happiness. That is a life’s work in, and of, itself.

If someone tells you what to do know that that is what they would do. No one else is you so it is very unlikely that anyone, outside of yourself, will give you as good of advice as you can give yourself.

The hard part is learning to listen within. This takes practice and constant effort. If you can, listen within daily. And act on what information that you get as often as you get information (then you are well on your way to making yourself happy). So plug in everyday. And listen.

The gift

The gift is the challenge

The gift is the challenge

Things are hard, very hard. We came to Earth to be challenged. The challenge is the gift. To think otherwise makes life much harder than it needs to be.

The other gift is the fact that if you plug in, plug in more, all of the tools, resources and ability to get through anything will appear. So plug in more. Don’t fight the gift, the challenge; raise yourself up to the challenge. And then, guess what? Another challenge will appear. It is the nature of the game.

The key to a happy, fulfilled life

We tell you time and time again that all will be ok. We say this when one is consciously aware and tuned it. Not only tuned in, but listens. We all can plug in when it is convenient, but to be continuously plugged in is the key.

It is a three step process:

  1. Plug in continuously, all day, all the time.
  2. Listen within and ask for validation [if you don’t understand the message(s)]
  3. Act, continuously, on this faith (and information).

As your life shifts (because of this change) you will also have to evaluate your goals as you go. Because, as you change and you see how plugging in and acting works out, your measly goals at the beginning might not meet your goals in the end.