Your limits are what you accept as your limits.

Never before has there been so many resources to break through whatever limits you. These limits are not your limits. Your limits are what you accept as your limits.

In your mind even unlimited is limited in the broader scope of what is capable as a human and a human being as well as being part of the greater whole — the universe.

Stop playing small. If you notice a limitation that has limited you, substantially or not substantially, at least three times, this is a sign that this limitation is coming up to be cleared.

There will be more on how to work with and clear limitations. These are not the only tools available out there though. There is breakthrough on the horizon for you and many others.


With growth comes loss. But you must focus on the growth NOT the loss.

With change there is loss. Focus on the gains.

Focus on the growth not the loss.

Be aware that new life patterns are appearing as old life patterns are disappearing. As you grow you will leave what no longer suites you (or it will appear that these things will leave you). What is happening, simultaneously, is that a new skin appears as an old skin disappears.

When you are courageous enough to grow you will experience loss. However, you must count your blessings as they appear, for they are your new life and this new skin suites you well. In fact, it suites you better than your old skin.

With growth comes loss. But you must focus on the growth NOT the loss.