Gratitude is a vibe that attracts what you like

When you express gratitude you are setting the energetic expectation that everything will be in accordance with your likes. This energy attracts exactly that.

It is not so much about the gratitude but the “vibe” that you emit. Your “vibe” will be met with a similar energy.

If you cannot stay in gratitude at least stay in a good mood. It is always easy to switch one’s mood with thoughts of babies, with upbeat music and people.

Try to keep the “vibe” you would like to see in your life inside and the outside will surely match that “vibe.”


Embrace what will come

This time of year reminds many of the imperfections in their relationships and in life. This time of year does bring to the surface the many imperfections in one’s life because life is imperfect. We also tend to see that the grass is always greener on someone else’s lawn. Let me dispell some of these myths.

  • The hardest relationships will be, necessarily, with your birth family. Many of us came into hardship in order to learn. There are always exceptions to this rule. But the notion of an idealic, perfect family without quarrels does not exist.
  • The idea that someone, necessarily, has it easier than you is not a reality. With social media it is easy for one to “paint” this picture. Their is a lot of painting. People post the idealic, Christmas images of their angelic children. They don’t always post the many times that this idealic child has also told them that they hated them. Is is, often times, a very contrived image.

Don’t forget that the hardship is part of what makes this life so great. If you can start to embrace that things are hard here you might to see the infinite blessings that abound.

Happy Holidays to All. It is more than the presents and the great meal. It is about the great gratitude that we feel for life in whatever form it may come in. Just embrace this season for gratitude for what you have not what you don’t have.