On the other side of fear is often a doorway

Fear of the unknown is just a fear. Fear is important only in isolated instances. It serves a purpose in nature when your are around harm. For the most part most of what we fear is the unknown.

The unknown can also be reframed to be a doorway. Some of the best times and places in one’s life come from stepping, just one step at a time, towards and through that door.

If you only pay attention to that fear – and not the doorway – then all you experience is fear.

Use positive self-talk to walk, one step at – a – time, towards and through that doorway. Blessings mostly occur in this space.


Fear is not where we need to be right now

Echo quoteThere are a lot of people right now that are creating a lot of challenges for those around them. Think of it this way: they are in a fear place that is taking them to a place that they have never been before. When we are fearful we are needy and a little bit out of control. Don’t let those around you control you. They need to ground their fear, become more strong in their faith in themselves, humanity and the world. To go to fear is just going to make the upcoming changes harder.

When these individuals are with close relations you may have to talk to them about their fears, how they are manifesting and how it comes off to you and others.

Fear is not where we need to be. We need to ride with trust for a few waves of this change before it will become apparent to most that all is ok (and, in fact, recent waves of change will prompt greater, more permanent, sustainable change).

Fear is not the best navigational tool

Fear is not a good compass

Fear is not a good compass

When fear subsides that is when you inherit the Earth, not in a materialistic manner, but in a wholistic manner. This is when you can love, not fear your neighbor. This is when you can embrace your challenges and navigate those waters without fear that you WILL find a sun-filled, manifestation-filled shore, someday, on your journey.

What there is to fear is fear itself. If you focus on this thought more than anything else you will go farther than you ever will with fear. So navigate through the waters of life making sure to not use fear as a navigational tool. Fear will only have you spinning in circles, unable to hear the clear voices that will surely navigate you to better shores and waters for times to come.

Fear is separation from God (or Source)

Fear is separation from God

Fear is separation from God

When you start to go to fear you separate yourself from God. You have to be connected to God to create and do many of the wonderful things that you stepped on this Earth to do. So relax and don’t go to fear.

When fear appears or pops up or is do something that will pop you out of fear. Here is a small list of what will make you no longer fear:

  • music, cheerful music
  • playing/talking with animals and/or plants
  • going on a walk or doing exercise
  • meditation (especially if you can stop thinking)

The problems with this planet right now (or many of the problems) exist because people are listening to fear, instead of taking charge and looking or listening to something else. Stop the fear.