When we focus on the NOW there is not anxiety

There is a lot out there to be excited and thrilled about. On the one hand the environment is telling us that enough is enough and changing. On the other hand people are taking on their lives and themselves and handling themselves with ultra care, healing the wounds of our ancestors. And that’s what this is about…we are healing from the past.

We are not beholden to the past. We are here in the NOW. When we focus on the NOW there is not anxiety. The worry comes from the past and the past did not work out the way we had all foreseen. The present is the moment that we can change. The future is worrisome because it could be many things depending on the NOW.

The message is…worry about your thoughts and keeping them on the NOW. Methods to do so are:

  • grounding
  • gardening
  • taking care of yourself and others (with healthy boundaries)

There is no fear if there is love.


Fear is not where we need to be right now

Echo quoteThere are a lot of people right now that are creating a lot of challenges for those around them. Think of it this way: they are in a fear place that is taking them to a place that they have never been before. When we are fearful we are needy and a little bit out of control. Don’t let those around you control you. They need to ground their fear, become more strong in their faith in themselves, humanity and the world. To go to fear is just going to make the upcoming changes harder.

When these individuals are with close relations you may have to talk to them about their fears, how they are manifesting and how it comes off to you and others.

Fear is not where we need to be. We need to ride with trust for a few waves of this change before it will become apparent to most that all is ok (and, in fact, recent waves of change will prompt greater, more permanent, sustainable change).

We are in hard times.

We are in hard times. I will say that again. We are in hard times. When I make that statement it is not about politics or the economy it is about the environment. When I say this I mean that there are going to be many a disaster that will be at your foot or at someone’s foot that you know and love dearly.

The Earth is not, yet, at a point of no return but the prognosis is pretty grim. These moments, now, can greatly impact the future. If you are going to do anything to help the plight of the Earth now (and forever more) these are the items that are the most important:

  • Recycling (because it saves resources)
  • CO2 emission reduction in any and all ways
  • Show the government that you will not buy their processed/natural foods. Even if it is not GMO the pesticides are wreaking havoc on everyone from the farmers, food handlers and the consumers. Grow your own food, shop local, shop from a small farmer. Show your concern with action.

That is all. Something to think about.

Earth changes

Earth Changes

Upcoming Earth changes

This is fair warning: the Earth is going through some major adjustments in order to adjust to the artificial changes thrust upon her. You cannot change the Earth’s temperature by up to 15 degrees over a short period of time without the Earth having to make some major adjustments. It’s kind of like if you accidentally swerve on the road and leave your lane you are going to have to compensate to get back on the road. So while the Earth is making some major adjustments we are going to start seeing some major and minor Earth changes.

Changes are on their way. Some of them may seem not so good but in the long term these changes will work out for the better. If you expect a mild storm be prepared for a blizzard. If you think that the winds will be 50 mph they will be 90-100 mph. It’s going to seem extreme.