Taking a moment to reflect…a little life advice

In the context of all of our lives the most important moments are when we learn. That is all that I will say. End of point.

If you are trying to bring more meaning to your life then listen to your life, to what is not working and what needs to change. When you listen maybe a new path will be revealed, a new way of living which will help you to change your course.

If you keep on the same course it is not as easy to change. So change, so move, so grow. This is so much more fulfilling in the end than to stay on the same course.

When you change don’t be afraid, new ways of thinking and growth will help gather you from the fall should you have a weak moment and not know how to move forward.


Change is easy

Sometimes when we want something in our lives to change the best thing to do is just put this request out to the universe. Then it is our job just to sit and listen and wait for the next move to appear right in front of our eyes. When the next prompting to move appears just move.

It is relatively simple. The part that is hard is deciding to change, being willing to change and then submitting to change. You do not have to think so hard once you decide to change. You, merely, have to listen within and be willing to change.

A lot goes into changing because we, often times, have a lot vested in our current situations. We are tied to certain payoffs of remaining the same. We are in old habits or we do not know that there is more.

Decide to change, be willing to change and then listen within and act when prompted. Then change will occur. It is relatively easy if you follow these steps. No need to over intellectualize it. It is more the willingness to change than anything that prompts the change. Don’t think it through, but, rather, listen within and change will occur.

Have the courage to change and change will occur

Look for signs and your North Star will appear

Look for signs and your North Star will appear

Things start to shift in one’s life when one has the courage to change. You don’t have to have an action plan, just a willingness to go with the flow, listen within, and move in different directions when prompted.

If you get too caught up in wanting to know how a new life will transpire then you will miss the sounds of the promptings making you move.

Look for signs and your North will appear.

With growth comes loss. But you must focus on the growth NOT the loss.

With change there is loss. Focus on the gains.

Focus on the growth not the loss.

Be aware that new life patterns are appearing as old life patterns are disappearing. As you grow you will leave what no longer suites you (or it will appear that these things will leave you). What is happening, simultaneously, is that a new skin appears as an old skin disappears.

When you are courageous enough to grow you will experience loss. However, you must count your blessings as they appear, for they are your new life and this new skin suites you well. In fact, it suites you better than your old skin.

With growth comes loss. But you must focus on the growth NOT the loss.

Don’t be afraid of change; change is good

Do not be afraid of change. What change, often, seems like is the old leaving. When the old leaves we do not understand, in that moment, that it might be leaving room for the new. Plants cannot live with the old, dead leaves as well as they can live when the old is trimmed away. Do not be fearful. Watch as the old falls away and wait patiently for the new to appear. Look at the seasons. If we held onto the old, dead leaves the new, refreshed leaves would not be as encouraged to grow. The old leaves take our energy and time and they leave less energy and time for the new. Let the new growth grow and RENEW.

Great changes are amongst us


Make change a part of your dance

If we do not know how to deal with change this is maybe a great time to do better at adapting to change. We are in times of great change. Change is needed. If you have any issues with change it would be a good time to start understanding why you get uncomfortable with change. And make sure that you can groove through the movement of change and make up your own dance so that you may enjoy it a little bit more.