Past Life Regressions

$90 per session

About Past Life Regressions

“The mystic Yogananda has said that life is like a long golden chain floating deep within an ocean. It can only be pulled out and examined one link at a time while the rest glistens beneath the surface, alluring and unobtainable. What we now know of death, indeed of life and the soul, is probably just one link in this golden chain. As we integrate our grief into growth, we will be able to raise more and more of this golden chain of joy and wisdom from the ocean of being and into the light” (Weiss, Brian; Through Time into Healing).

We often do not know about our other lifetimes, but their impact(s) are permanently etched on our souls. Delving into the knowledge base of our past/future lifetimes allows you to:

■Work on issues that did not originate in this lifetime, thus, allowing you to work on the root cause in hopes of permanently curing the illness/issues.

■See/experience/connect with past talent(s) in hopes of bringing these gifts forward in this lifetime.

What to expect from a Past Life Regression

Each Past Life Regression is approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours in length. In this time you will be going into trance/hypnotic state and finding your own information. I will be gently guiding you through each lifetime bringing your focus to key elements of each lifetime.

Group Past Life Regressions are also available: rates depend on attendance. Please contact me for details.



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