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His Words

Have you ever wondered if we really are alone? Or have you always thought that you had a spirit guide or maybe a relative on the other side that helps you out?

The answers lie within His Words. His Words came from a chance meeting while cleaning out a college apartment. Rhonda O’Brien encountered the spirit of a 23-year-old missing person who had rented the apartment that she was cleaning.

After trying to reach out to Doug Johnson’s (the missing person) family with messages from Doug, Doug paid back the gesture with this message from the other side.

Messages include Doug’s answers to:

  • Why we are here?
  • Are we alone or do we have spirit guides and relatives on the other side to help us?
  • Should we continue on this journey as is or if things aren’t going our way what should we do?

Doug had hit a rough spot in his life that he used drugs and alcohol to drudge through. Accidentally he drown while trying to drown out his problems and he has come through channel, Rhonda O’Brien, to help you through some of your concerns, worries and problems.

Additional wisdom offered by His Words:

  • Don’t give up hope. You have worked lifetimes to come to Earth and be here during this very challenging, but very exciting time.
  • The time is not to give up or give up hope. The time is to appreciate the here and now and offer some humor to nudge through the tougher times.

All of life can and is challenging if you allow yourself to see it that way. On the other side is a blessing. Please allow yourself to see some of the blessings from this uncommon view from the other side. With humor, Doug speaks from his heart in a way that has touched many souls.

His Words by Rhonda O’Brien

Excerpts From His Words

“At the time of my life, that is before my death, I did not appreciate all that I did have in my family and in my friends and in all of my personal relationships. I was too busy dwelling on what was not working, what was frustrating and what I was not able to change or cope with. I had what a lot of people today suffer from…self pity-itus. We all suffer from this from time to time. It is merely an illusion. We really do not realize that our one life is secretly orchestrated by many, many spirits who have loved us in the past and who love us in the present. We are not alone; in fact, we are all often bombarded with spirit companions who we are not always able to sense. They are there, nonetheless.”

“There are Five ‘Haves’-Five things that all must have in order to have complete and totat bliss at some portion of one’s lifetime, even if it is at the conclusion:

  • Don’t make your life more complicated than it is.
  • Try to maintain a sense of humor.
  • Don’t forget the small blessings in life and remind yourself of these from time to time.
  • God is everywhere.
  • Love is all that there is.”

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