Energy Work

$65 per session

“Vibrational medicine is Einsteinian medicine, since it is Einstein’s equation which gives us the key insight toward understanding that energy and matter are one and the same thing.” (Gerber, Richard; Vibrational Medicine).

About my energy work

I combine energy work (Reiki and ARCH-a Hawaiian energy healing modality) and intuition to help people understand how their thoughts, feelings, emotions and past lives affect their lives and their overall wellness.

When I place my hands on a person’s chakra I receive information on the appearance of their chakras. A chakras appearance clearly portrays what is going on emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually with the person.

For instance a blocked 5th chakra (throat) often indicates that someone has trouble speaking or speaking his/her truth and/or listening. The cause of this is always different and it will not always manifest in a physical condition. However, if blockages are not cleared, over time, they can manifest into an illness in the same area that the blockage occurs. For instance, people with a blockage in their 5th chakras sometimes have coughs, trouble with their voices, throat issues, etc.

What you will gain from my energy work:

■Receive a chakra reading which will tell you the physical condition of your chakras as well as insight into how you can work on clearing any physical, spiritual, emotional and/or psychological imbalances in each chakra.

■Help you remove blockages (energetic, emotional, physical and/or spiritual) in your path.

■Help you energize your energetic body. When we have more energy in our chakras we are able to:

  • Manifest what we want with more ease, have a healthier emotional/sensual life, give and receive love more freely, speak our truth and listen better, see more clearly psychically and/or enhance our spiritual connection (just to name a few benefits). 
  • And enjoy the prosperity of a healthy mind, body and spirit.

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