Change is easy

Sometimes when we want something in our lives to change the best thing to do is just put this request out to the universe. Then it is our job just to sit and listen and wait for the next move to appear right in front of our eyes. When the next prompting to move appears just move.

It is relatively simple. The part that is hard is deciding to change, being willing to change and then submitting to change. You do not have to think so hard once you decide to change. You, merely, have to listen within and be willing to change.

A lot goes into changing because we, often times, have a lot vested in our current situations. We are tied to certain payoffs of remaining the same. We are in old habits or we do not know that there is more.

Decide to change, be willing to change and then listen within and act when prompted. Then change will occur. It is relatively easy if you follow these steps. No need to over intellectualize it. It is more the willingness to change than anything that prompts the change. Don’t think it through, but, rather, listen within and change will occur.


The gift

The gift is the challenge

The gift is the challenge

Things are hard, very hard. We came to Earth to be challenged. The challenge is the gift. To think otherwise makes life much harder than it needs to be.

The other gift is the fact that if you plug in, plug in more, all of the tools, resources and ability to get through anything will appear. So plug in more. Don’t fight the gift, the challenge; raise yourself up to the challenge. And then, guess what? Another challenge will appear. It is the nature of the game.


Sometimes we have to appreciate all things even if they are not exactly the way that we want them to be. Things are never going to 100% going to be perfect in our lives. We can appreciate all things, nonetheless. We, often times, get caught up in how (in our minds) we think things should be. This is an imperfect world, with imperfect people, with natural laws that make things hard (very hard). Is it not enough that we have love, have friends, have a life, have a job, have food on our tables? Those are many small miracles that get overlooked every day.

The more gratitude and appreciation we have for things, great and small, the more room that we create for more of the same. It is energy. Be in the energy of gratitude and you will create the space, more space, for more things to be grateful for.

The key to a happy, fulfilled life

We tell you time and time again that all will be ok. We say this when one is consciously aware and tuned it. Not only tuned in, but listens. We all can plug in when it is convenient, but to be continuously plugged in is the key.

It is a three step process:

  1. Plug in continuously, all day, all the time.
  2. Listen within and ask for validation [if you don’t understand the message(s)]
  3. Act, continuously, on this faith (and information).

As your life shifts (because of this change) you will also have to evaluate your goals as you go. Because, as you change and you see how plugging in and acting works out, your measly goals at the beginning might not meet your goals in the end.

With growth comes loss. But you must focus on the growth NOT the loss.

With change there is loss. Focus on the gains.

Focus on the growth not the loss.

Be aware that new life patterns are appearing as old life patterns are disappearing. As you grow you will leave what no longer suites you (or it will appear that these things will leave you). What is happening, simultaneously, is that a new skin appears as an old skin disappears.

When you are courageous enough to grow you will experience loss. However, you must count your blessings as they appear, for they are your new life and this new skin suites you well. In fact, it suites you better than your old skin.

With growth comes loss. But you must focus on the growth NOT the loss.

Find what blocks your success instead of collapsing into failure

Find what is blocking your success; don't give up

Find what is blocking your success; don’t give up

When things don’t go the way that you expected them to go please take the time to ask what the lesson is that you are about to learn. Do you need to clear the blockages getting in the way of your success? Often times people do. They get in the way of their own success and working at this level provides more answers than continuing on the same path, trying the same tactics, to move forward.

When evaluating your blockages go to a deeper level by thinking of the incident that did not go as expected and feel how your body feels. If there is a part of your body that brings your attention pay attention to how that part of your body feels, while breathing deeply. If you stay present, observing that part of your body as well as focusing on deep breathing, information in the form of visions or words or thoughts will lead you to the source(s) of the blockage. If you just focus, without judgement, there will be hints of what the blockage is all about.

If at first you don’t succeed; try, try again

Try one more time

Try one more time

When things don’t work out one thing that you can say is that your tried. To try is more important than anything else. There will be a lot of things that you will not “succeed” at, but when you keep trying you are guaranteed to succeed a little bit more (or a lot more) than you would just sitting on your couch.

The comfort in sitting on your couch is that you will never have to say that you failed. On the other hand, you will also be able to say that you never really tried.

Try, try, try. Just keep trying. Something is bound to work out. The focus is more on the trying and having fun trying. Many successful men and women tried several times (sometimes several hundred times) until they succeeded. But at least they tried.

Try new things each and every day without judging the amount of “success” gained for it is more important to try than this perception of success.