This world belongs to all not just the few


Oneness is the only way

Ladies and gentleman and gentle beings we have rounded the corner and officially met the tipping point where you are no longer going to meet more self-centered people than not self-centered people.

I know hard to believe isn’t it. It is true. You will see evidence, some great and some small, but no longer do you need to worry that the “haves” will not be thinking of the “have-nots.” There will no longer be this notion.

We inherited this Earth. It is all of ours. There is no ownership of something so wondrous. All there is is all there is. It belongs to no one. We must be careful and respect all things and each other. Otherwise there will be not be things and a wonderful place like the Earth to enjoy it on.

What if I still meet self-centered people? Then you will have to guide them how to be now. The Earth has shifted. It belongs to all…not just a few. Those that think otherwise need to be redirected to know how things really are from now on.


We are in hard times.

We are in hard times. I will say that again. We are in hard times. When I make that statement it is not about politics or the economy it is about the environment. When I say this I mean that there are going to be many a disaster that will be at your foot or at someone’s foot that you know and love dearly.

The Earth is not, yet, at a point of no return but the prognosis is pretty grim. These moments, now, can greatly impact the future. If you are going to do anything to help the plight of the Earth now (and forever more) these are the items that are the most important:

  • Recycling (because it saves resources)
  • CO2 emission reduction in any and all ways
  • Show the government that you will not buy their processed/natural foods. Even if it is not GMO the pesticides are wreaking havoc on everyone from the farmers, food handlers and the consumers. Grow your own food, shop local, shop from a small farmer. Show your concern with action.

That is all. Something to think about.

Building faith one step at a time



When you start to worry about all of the voices outside just pay more attention to what we are telling you. When we tell you something you are more than welcome to ask for validation in 10,000 forms. We would rather give you optimistic replies, several times than let you miss out on all of the exciting opportunities on your path.

This is very simple.

  • Ask us a question. We will answer. Listen for the answer.
  • Ask for validation of what answer you thought was given.
  • When you think that you are clear on what has been told to you then act. Act with precision and immediately and then begin the whole process over again.

Please take care…of you

You have to take time for yourself otherwise you cannot accomplish all of the things, big and small, that you came here to accomplish.

People will want many things from you (sometimes all at once) but if you are down with a cold you cannot provide for anyone.

The boundaries around taking care of ourselves and taking care of everyone else often times get blurred. And then when we want to take care of ourselves, many people who want many things from us will cry and cry harder for help. What should your reply be? If I cannot take care of me how can I take care of anyone else?

If we have too much on our plate we cannot be there for anyone and we need, first and foremost, to be there for ourselves.

The past is the past. The future doesn’t matter. The only moment is now.

We are here to say that cleaning out your closets is a good idea. You forgive people just to have peace of mind. It does not mean that these people can continue to harm you in any way. It means the past is the past. The only moment is now. It’s not even the future that is of the utmost concern.

If you are more focused on the present and not the resentments of the past then you are more open to receive the great joy that is available NOW.

Our minds need a little spring cleaning from time to time

Spring clean your mind

Spring clean your mind

From time to time one must take inventory of his/her thoughts and dreams. What we don’t realize is that we come into this lifetime as a whole, complete individual separate from our friends and loved ones. Their impression is so deep on us, sometimes, that we forget who we truly are.

Much can be accomplished by re-evaluating our thoughts and beliefs and then assessing whether they are ours or if they are someone else’s. If they are someone else’s they don’t, often times, suit us well.

When we decide to get rid of some of these old patterns (that aren’t even ours) we really begin to thrive.

Do this on a deeper, subconscious level (the the aid of therapy and/or other tools) then the effect will be greater.

Do yourself a favor clean out the closets of the mind and get rid of those old thoughts and beliefs that no longer fit. That would be the best spring cleaning any one can do.

Change is easy

Sometimes when we want something in our lives to change the best thing to do is just put this request out to the universe. Then it is our job just to sit and listen and wait for the next move to appear right in front of our eyes. When the next prompting to move appears just move.

It is relatively simple. The part that is hard is deciding to change, being willing to change and then submitting to change. You do not have to think so hard once you decide to change. You, merely, have to listen within and be willing to change.

A lot goes into changing because we, often times, have a lot vested in our current situations. We are tied to certain payoffs of remaining the same. We are in old habits or we do not know that there is more.

Decide to change, be willing to change and then listen within and act when prompted. Then change will occur. It is relatively easy if you follow these steps. No need to over intellectualize it. It is more the willingness to change than anything that prompts the change. Don’t think it through, but, rather, listen within and change will occur.