The past is the past. The future doesn’t matter. The only moment is now.

We are here to say that cleaning out your closets is a good idea. You forgive people just to have peace of mind. It does not mean that these people can continue to harm you in any way. It means the past is the past. The only moment is now. It’s not even the future that is of the utmost concern.

If you are more focused on the present and not the resentments of the past then you are more open to receive the great joy that is available NOW.


Things we are all learning

We are here to learn to love not love things

We are here to learn to love not love things

  • When something does not work out, despite how much effort we put into making it work, we can be okay with the fact that we have put effort into something that has not turned out the way that we wanted it to turn out.
  • The effort or the experience is sometimes more important than the specific outcome of the event or experience.
  • The path is more important than the destination.
  • The outcome is outweighed by the lessons learned.

(Earth puts a perspective on things that doesn’t necessarily serve us well right now).

  • We came here to learn not earn wages.
  • We came here to love not love things.
  • We came here to mend relationships not sever relationships.

That is all. Just a few lessons we are all learning. It’s much the same for nearly all of us.