Our minds need a little spring cleaning from time to time

Spring clean your mind

Spring clean your mind

From time to time one must take inventory of his/her thoughts and dreams. What we don’t realize is that we come into this lifetime as a whole, complete individual separate from our friends and loved ones. Their impression is so deep on us, sometimes, that we forget who we truly are.

Much can be accomplished by re-evaluating our thoughts and beliefs and then assessing whether they are ours or if they are someone else’s. If they are someone else’s they don’t, often times, suit us well.

When we decide to get rid of some of these old patterns (that aren’t even ours) we really begin to thrive.

Do this on a deeper, subconscious level (the the aid of therapy and/or other tools) then the effect will be greater.

Do yourself a favor clean out the closets of the mind and get rid of those old thoughts and beliefs that no longer fit. That would be the best spring cleaning any one can do.


Don’t forget to remember that you are love, loved and lovable, unconditionally


Don’t forget that you are love, loved and lovable, unconditionally

If we do not understand that we are love and the universe is love then we are prone to be hurt when we don’t feel love or loved. If you want more love, clear out what is not love from your life. Is it a memory that is not love or loving or unconditional love? Then clear out that experience.

All you are is love. All that the universe is is love. We get confused and forget that we are love and so does the universe. It is like forgetting our names though. We are still love even though we forget. No need to take an experience that is not love personally.

Don’t be afraid of change; change is good

Do not be afraid of change. What change, often, seems like is the old leaving. When the old leaves we do not understand, in that moment, that it might be leaving room for the new. Plants cannot live with the old, dead leaves as well as they can live when the old is trimmed away. Do not be fearful. Watch as the old falls away and wait patiently for the new to appear. Look at the seasons. If we held onto the old, dead leaves the new, refreshed leaves would not be as encouraged to grow. The old leaves take our energy and time and they leave less energy and time for the new. Let the new growth grow and RENEW.

Do not take your experiences too personally; they are opportunities to heal


Do not take your challenges too personally; they are opportunities to heal

When you heal your pain from a difficult moment in your life you are merely healing a memory. There is no need to take that experience personally. There is a bigger piece of it and it is that you needed to heal and that moment was drawn to you and you to it. There is no need to take the experience personally as though it creates your own personal value. Underneath all of that is a wound that needed to be healed. The experience came to you and you to it so that you can heal. No need to feel less. In fact you should be grateful that the opportunity to heal came to you in such a way that awakened you to the fact that you needed to heal this piece or pieces of you. You are absolutely lovely in every single way without any doubt.

Staying present: giving your pain a moment to heal

Candle burning

Stay present in order to heal

When you are faced with an opportunity to heal, a challenge, take is as just that (an opportunity to heal). The greater challenge is staying in the moment, focused on healing. It is so easy to forget (or not remember) the wound, past and/or present, and not do the work to heal. There are many modalities that will keep you in the moment:

  • meditation practices
  • yoga
  • journaling
  • talking about it and/or acknowledging the issue (without forgetting about it)

We want to pretend that our pain is not real, but it is real and fantasy does not heal our wounds. Staying present in the pain helps us to heal. So remember to remember your pain and not let it go unnoticed. The more that you can focus on the pain, the memory the more able you are to heal. There will be more on healing in future posts. Let it be known that this is a major subject for people now as many of one’s wounds are staring us in the face like a hungry dog waiting for his/her owner to feed him/her.

Take this opportunity to heal


Take this time to heal

When you look at the sum of your life look at the opportunities to grow. What are you supposed to be learning? Do you run into the same people, with the same characteristics, with the same learning opportunities? Look at them as lessons. Once you see the lesson and, most importantly, learn the lesson then you are able to move on. And maybe those same personalities will not be drawn to you and you to them. It is not a matter of them being the “problem.” They help you grow so they may be the opportunity to grow and you might be the only thing, person to heal. It is time to heal. It is a great time to churn out what works and what doesn’t work and, in the process, to grow.

So grow. Take this opportunity NOW.

Everything is okay and working out perfectly

We are here to tell you that everything is okay and working out perfectly, that there is nothing to worry about AT ALL. This lesson is coming in a very dramatic form, but the lesson is very necessary and it will restore Earth to her original beauty, wealth and tranquility. If you are wondering what it is that you can/could be doing do what you do every day. However, also pray, meditate, take time for and with yourself and be kind, very kind (especially to yourself). The more inner work we do today the better prepared we are for today, for tomorrow and the next day.

When you worry pray.

When you feel helpless work on you (pray, talk to God or Source or Allah).

When you feel alone connect with people, yourself, God and/or your spirit guides.

Do not escape your pain-work on understanding the source of your pain and healing all wounds.