On the other side of fear is often a doorway

Fear of the unknown is just a fear. Fear is important only in isolated instances. It serves a purpose in nature when your are around harm. For the most part most of what we fear is the unknown.

The unknown can also be reframed to be a doorway. Some of the best times and places in one’s life come from stepping, just one step at a time, towards and through that door.

If you only pay attention to that fear – and not the doorway – then all you experience is fear.

Use positive self-talk to walk, one step at – a – time, towards and through that doorway. Blessings mostly occur in this space.


Your limits are what you accept as your limits.

Never before has there been so many resources to break through whatever limits you. These limits are not your limits. Your limits are what you accept as your limits.

In your mind even unlimited is limited in the broader scope of what is capable as a human and a human being as well as being part of the greater whole — the universe.

Stop playing small. If you notice a limitation that has limited you, substantially or not substantially, at least three times, this is a sign that this limitation is coming up to be cleared.

There will be more on how to work with and clear limitations. These are not the only tools available out there though. There is breakthrough on the horizon for you and many others.

The “Golden Rule”

When you get upset at how people are treating you remember that this soul is lost and forgot to remember that treating people as you would like to be treated is a “Golden Rule.” By “Golden Rule” we mean that once it is broken it is hard to remember that it was broken and many of the people have so forgotten this rule that they are lost and probably will not find their way back to this “Golden Life.”

When I talk about a “Golden Life” only a few people know what I am talking about because so few have truly followed the “Golden Rule.” It is a “Golden Rule” for a reason you know.

Perception vs reality

Look for the good in your life. It abounds. We know that there are challenges. These challenges exist because of other people’s struggles with themselves and their ideas of how things should be and how things have actually been for awhile.

When your sense of truth and honesty and reality conflicts with other people’s ideas of how things have been then you think that you are what is being rejected.

Reality is really real. Some people prefer different versions of their own reality. Doesn’t mean that you need to take the concoction they are taking to make your life manageable.

You do have choices when it comes to how people treat you

When you worry about how other people treat you focus on how you treat you. Is allowing someone to treat you a certain way really treating yourself the way that you want to be treated?

Sometimes ignoring the problems perpetuates the problem(s) and the best, and most direct way, of changing this is to view your job as allowing or not allowing the people in your life to treat you that way.

If they don’t respond respectfully to your request for better treatment then they are making the choice not you. It’s not always on their terms. Those are no terms at all. To live by.

Taking a moment to reflect…a little life advice

In the context of all of our lives the most important moments are when we learn. That is all that I will say. End of point.

If you are trying to bring more meaning to your life then listen to your life, to what is not working and what needs to change. When you listen maybe a new path will be revealed, a new way of living which will help you to change your course.

If you keep on the same course it is not as easy to change. So change, so move, so grow. This is so much more fulfilling in the end than to stay on the same course.

When you change don’t be afraid, new ways of thinking and growth will help gather you from the fall should you have a weak moment and not know how to move forward.

The past is the past. The future doesn’t matter. The only moment is now.

We are here to say that cleaning out your closets is a good idea. You forgive people just to have peace of mind. It does not mean that these people can continue to harm you in any way. It means the past is the past. The only moment is now. It’s not even the future that is of the utmost concern.

If you are more focused on the present and not the resentments of the past then you are more open to receive the great joy that is available NOW.