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I first heard about “Shopping Guides” from several of Sonia Choquette’s books. We all have guides, we all have access to special guides like these “Shopping Guides” that help you find bargains.

Although I learned about “Shopping Guides” from Choquette I have been using the gracious services of these guides for years. I always get the best deals on items because I listen when I am prompted to go to a store and I am usually rewarded by either a great deal or a great find.

Here are a few of my most recent “Shopping Guide” finds:

1. I am constantly hunting for bargains. I wanted new outdoor furniture and knew that the end of the summer was when these items would be on super sale. One Sunday I got the feeling that I should go to Kmart. I went and found a single wicker chair with a matching stool which was discounted 75%. I wanted the matching chair to complete the set. I then got the feeling that I should drive an additional 30 min to check out a local store. I didn’t find what I was looking for, and was prompted to travel another 15 min to another store.

At this last Kmart I found a beautiful, vintage, wrought iron Martha Stewart bench which was exactly what I was looking for (discounted 75%). I am glad that I kept listening otherwise I would have missed out on this find.

2. I was then looking for the perfect outdoor pillows to match the cute, red, wrought iron bench and was told to go to Home Depot. I went and the perfect red and tan patterned pillows that I got for 50% off.

3. I was told to go to Walgreens where I found the notebooks that I had been looking for for ½ off.

These shopping excursions are more the norm than the exception in my life. Here are few hints on how to hone in your “Shopping Guides” and find the deals out there; there are a lot of deals especially this time of year and given our economic condition.

1. Decide on what you are looking for (be specific if you can); then ask your guides to help you find this/these items.

2. Be open to any feelings, senses, advice, signs that might be guidance as to where these items might be found. For example, if you get the feeling that you should go into a store go into the store and look for the items that you asked to find.

3. Act immediately.

4. Thank your guides for the advice.

5. Continue with step 1; the more often you follow through, act on and show appreciation the more that your guides will help you find the deals.

This is just a small sampling of all the help that I get from my guides. I have been getting similar deals with the help of my guides for years. I have always been a bargain shopper who knew that the deals were out there if you are willing to search for the bargains. I save a lot of effort by not having to do all of the “looking” for deals myself. Thank you “Shopping Guides;” I love you!

Copyright © 2010 Rhonda O’Brien. All Rights Reserved.



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