We cannot be limited and limitless at the same time

We cannot be limited and limitless at the same time. We need to decide on what we are and stick to this same thought. It is the thought that becomes reality when there is no change in the thought.

Our reality is so transmutable that we can control/impact our future with our thoughts. If we move into old habits of doubt and into fear then we cannot allow what we know as possible to override what other limits surround, not ourselves, but everyone else.


Things Fall Apart to Come Together, Sometimes

We think that this world is rapidly changing. We don’t think it is bad or good. It is. The vibration is lightening. The enablement of the lightness is here. When there is a massive influx of light the darkness is revealed.

When the lightness shines to this capacity the darkness will flounder. While floundering, it may look like things are really falling apart.

The larger picture is that sometimes things have to fall apart to come together.

The more we work, individually, to expel our darkness with our light the less resistance there will be to what is.

Thoughts Become Things

The days of not being responsible 100 percent for your thoughts and actions are completely over. We are evolving to a consciousness where people who do not understand this will be extremely and utterly challenged by day-to-day life. If there is no integrity in your thinking you will start creating the very fears that you harbor en masse. We are evolving to a higher frequency where thoughts become things is more of a reality than a myth.

It is time to start trying to control the mind more as it is the very creator of your life.

Worry about what you are thinking

We so often worry about what other people think. Really what we should be concerned about what we are thinking about. It is very important to assert, positively, what you want in your life. Give gratitude. And only focus on what we do want. These three things are the only thing that we need to create the life of our dreams.

What gets so complicated and hard for us to understand is that it has already occurred and if we stay in the presence of what I want has already occurred we see that it has already occurred. We go into fear, because of the time thing and then we are right back to “it has not occurred. Yet.”

It doesn’t matter when it occurs. It only matters that it occurred. We get so caught up in the time thing.

How to have difficult conversations

Let’s face it…we are all in relationships that need some tweaking. To add to the complication many of us have relationship issues with people who (a. cannot ever be wrong; b. cannot apologize; c. will try to make you feel wrong by trying to discuss issues).

This is a major complication in any relationship. It is not an obstacle though. What you can do to overcome this obstacle is to ask the person who (a. cannot ever be wrong; b. cannot apologize; c. will try to make you feel wrong by trying to discuss issues) if they want to work on the relationship issues. If they say “yes” try to present what you are experiencing. Say something along these lines…”If you want to work on our issues I am confused by why your defenses are (a. cannot ever be wrong; b. cannot apologize; c. will try to make you feel wrong by trying to discuss issues). It seems like you are conflicted. Maybe you need some time to deliberate. If you are wanting to work on our issues I will give you some time to figure out why your defense mechanisms are not in synch with your intent to work on our issues.

These people, often, do want to work on their issues. They are not aware of how their personality types, quirks, issues prevent that from happening. They keep tripping on their own feet (if you will).

Do unto others…

When people do not get how to treat other people they are just not getting it. This is not a negative statement to put them down. It is a fact. It is pretty evident how to treat others. You treat them how you want to be treated. Who cannot ask themselves the question, “How do I want to be treated?”

No one.

If someone does not know how to treat other people they are choosing not to ask themselves how they would want to be treated or perhaps they ask and don’t follow through.

We all know how to treat each other. The problem is in the amount of people that choose to treat others the way that they want to be treated.

This is not to put people down. It is merely to understand the element of personal choice in the matter.

The “Golden Rule”

When you get upset at how people are treating you remember that this soul is lost and forgot to remember that treating people as you would like to be treated is a “Golden Rule.” By “Golden Rule” we mean that once it is broken it is hard to remember that it was broken and many of the people have so forgotten this rule that they are lost and probably will not find their way back to this “Golden Life.”

When I talk about a “Golden Life” only a few people know what I am talking about because so few have truly followed the “Golden Rule.” It is a “Golden Rule” for a reason you know.