This world belongs to all not just the few


Oneness is the only way

Ladies and gentleman and gentle beings we have rounded the corner and officially met the tipping point where you are no longer going to meet more self-centered people than not self-centered people.

I know hard to believe isn’t it. It is true. You will see evidence, some great and some small, but no longer do you need to worry that the “haves” will not be thinking of the “have-nots.” There will no longer be this notion.

We inherited this Earth. It is all of ours. There is no ownership of something so wondrous. All there is is all there is. It belongs to no one. We must be careful and respect all things and each other. Otherwise there will be not be things and a wonderful place like the Earth to enjoy it on.

What if I still meet self-centered people? Then you will have to guide them how to be now. The Earth has shifted. It belongs to all…not just a few. Those that think otherwise need to be redirected to know how things really are from now on.