Please take care…of you

You have to take time for yourself otherwise you cannot accomplish all of the things, big and small, that you came here to accomplish.

People will want many things from you (sometimes all at once) but if you are down with a cold you cannot provide for anyone.

The boundaries around taking care of ourselves and taking care of everyone else often times get blurred. And then when we want to take care of ourselves, many people who want many things from us will cry and cry harder for help. What should your reply be? If I cannot take care of me how can I take care of anyone else?

If we have too much on our plate we cannot be there for anyone and we need, first and foremost, to be there for ourselves.


The past is the past. The future doesn’t matter. The only moment is now.

We are here to say that cleaning out your closets is a good idea. You forgive people just to have peace of mind. It does not mean that these people can continue to harm you in any way. It means the past is the past. The only moment is now. It’s not even the future that is of the utmost concern.

If you are more focused on the present and not the resentments of the past then you are more open to receive the great joy that is available NOW.

Our minds need a little spring cleaning from time to time

Spring clean your mind

Spring clean your mind

From time to time one must take inventory of his/her thoughts and dreams. What we don’t realize is that we come into this lifetime as a whole, complete individual separate from our friends and loved ones. Their impression is so deep on us, sometimes, that we forget who we truly are.

Much can be accomplished by re-evaluating our thoughts and beliefs and then assessing whether they are ours or if they are someone else’s. If they are someone else’s they don’t, often times, suit us well.

When we decide to get rid of some of these old patterns (that aren’t even ours) we really begin to thrive.

Do this on a deeper, subconscious level (the the aid of therapy and/or other tools) then the effect will be greater.

Do yourself a favor clean out the closets of the mind and get rid of those old thoughts and beliefs that no longer fit. That would be the best spring cleaning any one can do.