Be grateful for it is all coming with time

We don’t, often times, see how things are working out. It’s kind of like the analogy that we all like to repeat over and over again. Life just keeps sending you different ingredients. One day you might get the sugar, then a few months (or even years later) you get the flour and by the time it arrives you forget about the sugar. Then you get some oil (it doesn’t matter what kind of oil you get oil) and you are still a bit confused. You see, things build. Things build over time and sometimes we get all of the ingredients and then it is quite a bit longer that we get the recipe. And then, for many of us, once we get the recipe we take time to refine the recipe.

What we are saying is that it just takes some time to all come together. But ALL THE WHILE you are looking for those cookies you are missing a lot of great things like the sugar, the flour and the butter. And there you are thinking that nothing is working out and all along it has been. Just saying. Show some gratitude sometimes. It is all working out.


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