Change is easy

Sometimes when we want something in our lives to change the best thing to do is just put this request out to the universe. Then it is our job just to sit and listen and wait for the next move to appear right in front of our eyes. When the next prompting to move appears just move.

It is relatively simple. The part that is hard is deciding to change, being willing to change and then submitting to change. You do not have to think so hard once you decide to change. You, merely, have to listen within and be willing to change.

A lot goes into changing because we, often times, have a lot vested in our current situations. We are tied to certain payoffs of remaining the same. We are in old habits or we do not know that there is more.

Decide to change, be willing to change and then listen within and act when prompted. Then change will occur. It is relatively easy if you follow these steps. No need to over intellectualize it. It is more the willingness to change than anything that prompts the change. Don’t think it through, but, rather, listen within and change will occur.


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