Plug in. Everyday. And listen.

Plug in. And listen.

Plug in. And listen.

You did not come into this world to be anyone other than yourself. Great dis-content happens when you try to please everyone else. In fact, there is no way to please every one. If you are lucky you will find out what makes you happy and pursue your own, personal happiness. That is a life’s work in, and of, itself.

If someone tells you what to do know that that is what they would do. No one else is you so it is very unlikely that anyone, outside of yourself, will give you as good of advice as you can give yourself.

The hard part is learning to listen within. This takes practice and constant effort. If you can, listen within daily. And act on what information that you get as often as you get information (then you are well on your way to making yourself happy). So plug in everyday. And listen.


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