Challenges are gifts

Sometimes we are not prepared to meet the challenges in front of our eyes. Challenges are inevitable in this lifetime. So to think that a challenge is not right or we did something wrong to create a challenge is not exactly truth. A more accurate way to address and interpret challenge is as though it is a welcomed gift. Often times a challenge prompts us to become a better person (in ways that we previously would not have pushed ourselves to become).


Fear is not the best navigational tool

Fear is not a good compass

Fear is not a good compass

When fear subsides that is when you inherit the Earth, not in a materialistic manner, but in a wholistic manner. This is when you can love, not fear your neighbor. This is when you can embrace your challenges and navigate those waters without fear that you WILL find a sun-filled, manifestation-filled shore, someday, on your journey.

What there is to fear is fear itself. If you focus on this thought more than anything else you will go farther than you ever will with fear. So navigate through the waters of life making sure to not use fear as a navigational tool. Fear will only have you spinning in circles, unable to hear the clear voices that will surely navigate you to better shores and waters for times to come.