Staying present: giving your pain a moment to heal

Candle burning

Stay present in order to heal

When you are faced with an opportunity to heal, a challenge, take is as just that (an opportunity to heal). The greater challenge is staying in the moment, focused on healing. It is so easy to forget (or not remember) the wound, past and/or present, and not do the work to heal. There are many modalities that will keep you in the moment:

  • meditation practices
  • yoga
  • journaling
  • talking about it and/or acknowledging the issue (without forgetting about it)

We want to pretend that our pain is not real, but it is real and fantasy does not heal our wounds. Staying present in the pain helps us to heal. So remember to remember your pain and not let it go unnoticed. The more that you can focus on the pain, the memory the more able you are to heal. There will be more on healing in future posts. Let it be known that this is a major subject for people now as many of one’s wounds are staring us in the face like a hungry dog waiting for his/her owner to feed him/her.


2 thoughts on “Staying present: giving your pain a moment to heal

  1. Thanks so much Rhonda, you rock! I hear you and am working on all of it as I study A Course In Miracles… You have been and continue to be so helpful.

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