Everything is okay and working out perfectly

We are here to tell you that everything is okay and working out perfectly, that there is nothing to worry about AT ALL. This lesson is coming in a very dramatic form, but the lesson is very necessary and it will restore Earth to her original beauty, wealth and tranquility. If you are wondering what it is that you can/could be doing do what you do every day. However, also pray, meditate, take time for and with yourself and be kind, very kind (especially to yourself). The more inner work we do today the better prepared we are for today, for tomorrow and the next day.

When you worry pray.

When you feel helpless work on you (pray, talk to God or Source or Allah).

When you feel alone connect with people, yourself, God and/or your spirit guides.

Do not escape your pain-work on understanding the source of your pain and healing all wounds.


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