Let your inner shine shine through

Heart shaped lights

Let go and let yourself shine

We are all here to shine. It is not a matter of trying; it is merely an effort to get out of the way so that your inner light, wisdom and love can shine through. This is a gradual process for some, but it does take some effort. It is like shining an old piece of metal. That glimmer and shine only reveals the inner wisdom that was always there. Do not strive, do not take the time to try, do not take this on without one’s guidance system. It is not about the one person shining above the rest. It is about an individual taking the time to delve within, look at one’s self and clear the path for the divinity (that is within all of us) to shine. It more about submitting, letting go and being one’s self. The ego, the separate consciousness, does not exist in this process.


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