Jesus’ many words are few


Love is important

I am stepping in as a “guest speaker” if you will. My name is Jesus some of you know a little bit more than others do about me. I would like you to consider that much of the knowledge of me that is what you would consider “the standard” has very little to do with who I really was.

I was a small man in that I did not impose my will on people. I did a lot of listening, not a lot of talking. And I spent a lot of time in meditative prayer. I was not a man of many words. Many of the words that you would hear from me were talking about the importance of love, of being a loving spirit and about letting the spirit and the word from spirit move through me. I attained my notoriety not because of who I am or who I became but, rather, because I was willing to listen within and to act without questioning what I heard within.

That is all that I will say for now. There is not much more to it and many of you can do the same.


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