Everything is okay and working out perfectly

We are here to tell you that everything is okay and working out perfectly, that there is nothing to worry about AT ALL. This lesson is coming in a very dramatic form, but the lesson is very necessary and it will restore Earth to her original beauty, wealth and tranquility. If you are wondering what it is that you can/could be doing do what you do every day. However, also pray, meditate, take time for and with yourself and be kind, very kind (especially to yourself). The more inner work we do today the better prepared we are for today, for tomorrow and the next day.

When you worry pray.

When you feel helpless work on you (pray, talk to God or Source or Allah).

When you feel alone connect with people, yourself, God and/or your spirit guides.

Do not escape your pain-work on understanding the source of your pain and healing all wounds.


Connect with who you are every day


Spend time getting to know you

Before we set out on any given day ask the universe what it is that you can do to make it a better day for you and for all. This simple step will put you more in alignment with who you are, why you are here as well as contribute to the overall well-being of the universe. Before we step outside our doors we should take a deep breathe and connect with who and what we are. With this, if we take more of a concerted effort to get in touch with who we are and why we are here we will find greater value in the day-to-day. Much of today’s depression results by simply not being who we are and not doing what pleases us. By taking steps to be more of who we are we empower ourselves to also do more of what we like. So let’s all try this together…take a deep breathe in…and inhale more of who you are. As you exhale…breathe out more of who you are. Continue this for five minutes a day and wait and see what goodness will grow out of connecting to who you really are.

Letting go is sometimes the only thing to “do”


Letting go is all we can do sometimes

We are here to tell you that struggle is ok. It is where the divine often enters our lives because we are challenged to the point that we let go and let some higher force and/or knowledge come through and work miracles in our lives. Do not fight the struggle so much as submit your problems and worries to the divine.

Let God or Source or Allah (whatever your higher power is) have your problem and allow it/him/her to bring you a solution. That is all that we can do. And when we let go we allow the possibility of magic to come through and work miracles in our lives.

Great changes are amongst us


Make change a part of your dance

If we do not know how to deal with change this is maybe a great time to do better at adapting to change. We are in times of great change. Change is needed. If you have any issues with change it would be a good time to start understanding why you get uncomfortable with change. And make sure that you can groove through the movement of change and make up your own dance so that you may enjoy it a little bit more.

Healing the old and the new

White light

Use this current intensity to heal old and new wounds

The time is now to heal the old and new wounds. It is an extraordinarily good time to look at one’s self, evaluate what is real, what is not real, what works and what doesn’t work. It might seem like radical times in that the intensity seems to stare you down. But the good news is that this intensity also helps us process in a way that is like a garbage disposal. Throw away all that is not working. In it’s place you will find things that actually do work.

Do the inner work now. It is a time like no other.

Let your inner shine shine through

Heart shaped lights

Let go and let yourself shine

We are all here to shine. It is not a matter of trying; it is merely an effort to get out of the way so that your inner light, wisdom and love can shine through. This is a gradual process for some, but it does take some effort. It is like shining an old piece of metal. That glimmer and shine only reveals the inner wisdom that was always there. Do not strive, do not take the time to try, do not take this on without one’s guidance system. It is not about the one person shining above the rest. It is about an individual taking the time to delve within, look at one’s self and clear the path for the divinity (that is within all of us) to shine. It more about submitting, letting go and being one’s self. The ego, the separate consciousness, does not exist in this process.

Struggle doesn’t exist if you will listen and learn

So Learn. Not. To Struggle

So Learn. Not. To Struggle

We, often times, do not understand why it is that we struggle so. The word struggle doesn’t exist in our lives. We think that life is full of learning. If you don’t get the lesson then you will struggle so whether you struggle or not is up to you. If you think that you are supposed to learn or are learning a lesson then let the lesson take your hand and you will learn. And, incidentally, there will be no more struggling.

So Learn. Not. To Struggle.