Thinking for one’s self

Love love love

We are all connected

Sometimes we need to die in order to see the “big” picture. If you don’t, currently, have a clue what the “big” picture is you merely need to go to your heart space from time to time and especially when you are making decisions. When we act out of a space that is not in the heart area or heart chakra we tend to act in a way that is selfish and without a care for those outside of our world. The reality is that we are all connected, and all one, and so when we think only for ourselves or a minority we are missing this very important point.

Some words of wisdom for those that are making major and/or minor life decisions are:

~Does my decision better the world for multiple people (not just me)?

~Is this a temporary and/or short term decision or does it consider the long term?

~Am I only thinking of me? If so maybe this is not the right decision?

We are not alone. We do not live in a bubble. What we do affects us all…it’s never a good idea to act on your behalf and your behalf only. If you change this one way of thinking you will be more aligned with spirit and better able to navigate through this world and not regret your actions (when you leave this world).