We are Divine; it is our nature

We are God

We are Gods and Goddesses

We are here to express our true nature, which is our divinity. Your true nature and divinity is to actually manifest and act like the Gods, Goddesses, Saints and Sages that you so highly revere. That is your ultimate goal. We know that the challenge is that a lot of us are not nearly there. This is your divine nature, it is who you are. When you are thrust in an environment where people do not realize their own divinity it is hard for you to see for yourself. Your divinity is not an exception; it is a rule. Don’t forget your own divinity just because many others have forgotten theirs. There will be a point in time when we all remember that we are part of this source, this creator, this God/Goddess energy and our divine nature will shine and thrive and rule the world. I look forward to seeing this here on Earth. This is when everyone will thrive and there will be BLISS here on Earth. It is happening sooner than later.


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