A great tragedy

Grieving child

How can we make this a better world for our children?

This is in light of the movie theater tragedy in Colorado this last weekend. We cannot blame the children, the products of our environment, for their apparent frustration at the state of their lives, their future, their jobs, their life and their lack of opportunity. Your children are a sign of your well-being. If you have young children so discouraged at their future or future(s) please take the time to consider what sort of future you are leaving for your children. Wouldn’t you be a bit discouraged to grow up in a time where prosperity seems to be something of the past and no one seems to be addressing the obvious and apparent troubles affecting our land, our jobs and our health? Without this in mind we fail to see a very big learning lesson of our times. Kids are discouraged and not finding a profitable outlet for this frustration. When you feel like you have nothing to gain, no skills to get a good job, nothing that makes you excited for your future that deep, dark level of depression with no seeming escape can create chaos in minds and, if not treated, can create great chaos in the world. Look at what you can do to create a better world and life for these young lives.


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