We are Divine; it is our nature

We are God

We are Gods and Goddesses

We are here to express our true nature, which is our divinity. Your true nature and divinity is to actually manifest and act like the Gods, Goddesses, Saints and Sages that you so highly revere. That is your ultimate goal. We know that the challenge is that a lot of us are not nearly there. This is your divine nature, it is who you are. When you are thrust in an environment where people do not realize their own divinity it is hard for you to see for yourself. Your divinity is not an exception; it is a rule. Don’t forget your own divinity just because many others have forgotten theirs. There will be a point in time when we all remember that we are part of this source, this creator, this God/Goddess energy and our divine nature will shine and thrive and rule the world. I look forward to seeing this here on Earth. This is when everyone will thrive and there will be BLISS here on Earth. It is happening sooner than later.


Enjoy your workweek and your weekend

Before you get headed for your weekend remember to bring more joy to  your job, your life in between the fun times. If you don’t like doing what you are doing for a job then find something that you would like to do better. Many people are in jobs that they don’t like because of money. Who says that the things, the possessions, the vacation are more important than the 40 plus hours of week that you work at a job that you don’t like? At the end of the day, that time is far more precious than any one thing.

Focus on the only moment you can change…NOW

Focus on the NOW

Focus on the NOW

There comes a time in one’s life when you need to just be ok that the past is the past and not worry so, so much about it. To focus on the now is one of the MOST important steps that you can take to making a happy, fulfilling life for yourself and for all others. One of the most important parts of this process is to ask yourself, when you are thinking or acting or talking, “Am I thinking of the now, am I focusing and being in the now?” Anytime that we are focused on something other than now we are not effectively using the moment to make our world what we want it to be. We can only impact now so why are we focusing on something other than the NOW?

A great tragedy

Grieving child

How can we make this a better world for our children?

This is in light of the movie theater tragedy in Colorado this last weekend. We cannot blame the children, the products of our environment, for their apparent frustration at the state of their lives, their future, their jobs, their life and their lack of opportunity. Your children are a sign of your well-being. If you have young children so discouraged at their future or future(s) please take the time to consider what sort of future you are leaving for your children. Wouldn’t you be a bit discouraged to grow up in a time where prosperity seems to be something of the past and no one seems to be addressing the obvious and apparent troubles affecting our land, our jobs and our health? Without this in mind we fail to see a very big learning lesson of our times. Kids are discouraged and not finding a profitable outlet for this frustration. When you feel like you have nothing to gain, no skills to get a good job, nothing that makes you excited for your future that deep, dark level of depression with no seeming escape can create chaos in minds and, if not treated, can create great chaos in the world. Look at what you can do to create a better world and life for these young lives.

We are here to learn

Earth is full of learning

Earth is a university; it is full of learning experiences

We are here to be challenged. That was why many of us came to Earth and now many people are leaving the Earth, as if a mass exodus, because they cannot handle the so-called extreme challenges of the current day. Get used to the challenge; it is part of the greatest gift of being here on Earth at this particular time. The harder things become the more willing we are to learn and learning is one of the greatest gifts that one can gain. Earth is especially challenging and so what do you think that many of us gain from the challenges…we learn, we grow, we change. Life cannot get any greater than that. Change the way that you think of challenges and you have much more to gain.

Life is challenging; it’s supposed to be challenging

Each day rise and be joyful for this day and the precious moments that you have on Earth as a human being, a spirit in a precious body who gets to learn so, so much amongst old and great friends and family. We often hear people cursing the challenges of his/her life, but really many of us are here mainly because of the challenge. If you do not enjoy your life or are unhappy because life is hard life is meant to be hard, very hard. Just because it seems easier for some does not always mean that these people do not have their pleasures mixed in with the pain as well. Just because it “appears” easy does not always mean that it is. With this in mind…enjoy your weekend, your precious time on Earth.

Enjoy your life no matter what

Enjoy lifeWe are all here to enjoy our lives a little bit more. If we do not enjoy certain parts of our lives we need to celebrate those parts just as much as we do the things that we don’t enjoy. A lot of times it is our thought process around the parts of our lives that just perpetuate the same pattern of not enjoying the same parts of our lives. Be grateful for all things. Be joyful. Celebrate all of life’s joys and the parts that we don’t enjoy just celebrate those parts. If we put those moments, things, people in the same light or consciousness of things that we enjoy then we start to transform them into pieces of our life that we do enjoy. Practice this for at least 5 minutes a day and you will start to see these pieces that we don’t enjoy transform into something that we do enjoy more.